Common Challenges for First-Time Managers (and How to Overcome Them)


Posted by: by Meredith Masse – USA Congratulations! You’ve been hired for or promoted to a management position for the first time in your career! This truly is  an exciting day. It’s also a day that changes…everything. You were once the rockstar subject-matter or technical expert in your last role and, because of your success, they’ve […]

4 Ways to Be Viewed as a Vital Contributor to Your Organization


By Mary-Ann Gontlin – USA The economic climate continues to provide concern for many people with regard to job security and career opportunities. Unfortunately, some people do not grasp a very important fact:  That companies today hire or retain people solely because they can effectively contribute to the success of their employer. Therefore, as an […]

Growing Markets & Professions: Where Should I Look for a Job in 2015?


By Holly Ewart – USA It’s already the second month of the year—how is your job search coming along?  There are many aspects that go into a job search but two of the main things to consider are: 1) where the job is located and 2) in what industry. With the country finally coming out […]

4 Keys to Successfully Onboarding A New Leader


By Pattie Prosser – USA One of the major downfalls for any leader in business today is the failure to successfully onboard into a new role—whether in an existing organization as a result of a promotion—or to a role with a new company. What a new executive does and doesn’t do in those first days, […]

3 Ways to Communicate More Effectively in Business


By Robyn Crigger – USA One challenge that I hear repeatedly from every business person and employer I encounter is that “poor communication” is a growing problem in business today. It is no surprise when you consider our extremely diverse workforce, as well as the popular use of technology. Both of these factors have a […]

How to Overcome Being Over 50 and Overqualified


By Charles Jannetti – USA I am not exactly sure why highly qualified candidates should be summarily dismissed from the selection process. This is a thoughtless and mean-cut posture often made by poorly trained hiring managers or weak HR employees. It is a copout statement. If they mean they are concerned that a solid candidate […]

5 Ways to Ensure You Won’t Get Hired

Ways not to get hired

By Courtney Farris OI Partners – USA Today’s job market is an increasingly competitive landscape. While companies search daily for top candidates, many individuals experience a stalled job search, leading to frustration and anxiety. For some, a delay in landing a job can be due to just one or two blunders. Here are five ways to […]

Alternatives to Downsizing


By Robyn Crigger – OI Partners USA What employer wants to experience a downsizing? No one that I know! And yet this happens over and over. Is there a way to avoid a downsizing or find an alternative path? Not always, but YES, there are some proactive steps an employer can take if looking ahead […]

Why You Must Quantify Results on Your Resume


By B McKown – OIGP USA What’s in it for them?” Your resume has to answer that question. If it doesn’t, you most likely will never get to present yourself to that awesome company where you envisioned working forever. Let me be blunt: Too often, job seekers think that the interview process is about them. It’s […]

How to Show Employees You Appreciate Them

Appreciate employees

By R Crigger – OIGP USA   “I’ve taken on more responsibilities after the company downsized, and yet my title hasn’t changed, nor my salary.” “With the tight economic times, I understood that the company couldn’t provide increases, but now it has been a few years and still no increases!” “Over the past several years […]