Creating Higher Value Through Self-Insight

Effectively coached leaders perform better, lead change more, create higher value.


Working at board level usually involves a huge workload, and there is rarely time to explore issues in depth. At this level, the number of people within your organisation to whom executives can talk openly dramatically falls – the issues are often just too sensitive. Who can they talk with to help reflect on key questions about future direction, the shape of your organisation, their leadership and how it translates into everyday action? How do they explore how they could lead more effectively?

We provide challenging, commercially robust support which CEOs, top executives and hi-potentials need to be more effective. Our senior coaches provide your top executives with:

  • A sounding board and independent view
  • Help to identify behaviour that will enhance strategic and personal effectiveness
  • Guidance on driving change through their team and business
  • Ways to overcome personal performance blocks

We work with directors and chief executives on a totally confidential basis. The focus of our work is their real concerns and issues. We focus on goals and outcomes to ensure there is a direct impact on the performance of both the executive and the organisation.

Our coaches are very experienced at working with board level executives in the UK and internationally, we understand their issues and challenges.

We also know what good looks like at this level and that frame of reference is invaluable when helping executives wrestle with the complex issues they face.


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