Some Things Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Recognition for our work and sector specific expertise.


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“It confirmed many things I already knew and clarified things enormously for me.”
– Transport Sector

“I came away with so many new ideas and so much confidence to try them out – it was so exciting”.
– Financial Sector

“You just do the job without really considering what it is you actually do. This was really enlightening, especially to realise that a lot of people couldn’t do the things that I take for granted.”
– Media Sector

“It was a fun experience and I gained a lot from it. I read my report over again whenever I get a bit low or lacking in self-confidence.”
– Financial Sector

Managing Performance

“I am very happy with the HDA coaching programme, which has been a clear help in a) more effectively addressing some development areas I needed to prove before the promotion; and b) thinking through the approach to the first 100 days in my new role.”
– Senior Manager, Financial Services

Learning and Development

“Through discussion with at HDA Coach, I could make suggestions and talk through scenarios; achieving the optimal solution and thereby feeling rejuvenated…I would fully endorse the programme and feel that it has proved a tremendous success in allowing me to refocus on the issues that were affecting my career outlook; allowing both the organisation and myself to benefit from the change in my perspective.”
– Financial Director, Professional Services & Engineering Company

“(My coach) gave me outstanding support at a time when I needed it most. His responsiveness and ability to tune in instantly to my complex situation and issues was invaluable. He is a perceptive and sympathetic coach who challenges and provides a unique perspective. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
– SVP Marketing, International Manufacturing

“I was sceptical at the outset about the value of coaching but it brought significant benefits to our organisation. I found it helped me to focus on what is important in my role and gave me techniques to manage more effectively.”
– Professional Services Company

“…have been hugely impressed. My lead coach is very thorough, knowledgeable, cooperative, patient and pleasant. I could not be more pleased with their performance as a coach and they also have a lovely sense of humour!!…I am completely happy with the support I have been given on the HDA coaching programme. Thank you!!”
– Chairman, Healthcare

“I very much enjoyed my coaching programme, which certainly helped me to cope with a very stressful and challenging period at work. My coach also gave me some good, longer-term advice and having the 1:1 meetings was always a welcome relief from the daily grind. The fact that my coach had worked in the industry was very valuable…all in all a very good experience that I enjoyed greatly.”
– Senior Analyst, Investment Bank

“I really enjoyed working with my coach. He helped me focus my thoughts, as well as reinforcing that the actions I had decided to take were appropriate. When I saw each appointment with my coach in my diary I often thought ‘ What do I want to talk about this time? ‘ This was never an issue when the meetings started, as my coach was so skilled at spotting my issues through a chat about what had happened or what was about to happen, and I finished each meeting thinking that it had been useful.”
– Senior Manager, Manufacturing Sector

“The coaching I received has significantly increased my confidence and performance as a manager. In particular, I have become much better at addressing difficult issues in a timely manner rather than putting them off.”
– Chief Economist, Professional Services

“Everything is going well & I am really enjoying working with my coach, I have had positive feedback internally too, as I have a monthly meeting with HR and my line manager. I am positive we will get to the end of the program and feel that we have achieved everything we have wanted to achieve, both from a personal and company perspective.”
– Senior Manager IT, Media

“I found the coaching really helped me with my job and the situations I was dealing with at the time and am continuing to take on board a number of things we discussed.” HR Business Partner, Energy
“My coach and I worked well together. She certainly gave me the confidence and the help with the approach to take on certain things. Our meetings seemed perfectly timed in that I always had a big meeting or something I was dreading the outcome on and we had a session booked in so getting advice on how to work it was great. My boss always knew when I had been in to see her!”
– Head of Department, Media

“My HDA Coach was inspirational right from the beginning. She helped me set goals and a clear pathway for achievement in a hugely motivational way and before I knew it, I felt ready to move forward into my new world. Her insight and thoroughness are exceptional and what’s more we had fun!”
– National Sales & Marketing Manager, Travel

“I’m finding my coach’s knowledge and expertise extremely valuable and really benefiting from this, even in instances where situations and questions may fall out of their remit they remain professional and analyse the situation in an unbiased way.”
– Digital Marketing Manager, Media

“I really enjoyed the coaching with my HDA Coach; they are very inspirational and we had fun!”
– National Sales and Marketing Manager, Travel Industry

“The coaching has certainly been helping so far with my career development and the way in which it is approached is very good….I am enjoying it thoroughly.”
– Senior IT professional, Media

“..The benefits of the coaching for me were in enabling me to look beyond today and think more strategically ;to avoid the detail and understand what the ‘bigger picture’ is and why should we do something different, what are the benefits?; to develop a mindset of ‘don’t think it – do it!’; to ask the difficult question… you may not like the answer but at least you will know where you stand; and finally not to be afraid to look at what could go wrong – what are the risks and what opportunities exist?…..there are some things which are still outside of my control at the moment so I may be back for more coaching soon!”
– Group HR Manager, Manufacturing

“I have found our meetings hugely beneficial. They proved to be highlights of my monthly working schedule at my organisation – a consistent shining light through the rollercoaster of the last 10 months. My coach understood me very quickly and helped me to understand the elements I was doing well and how I could do better on those I was not doing well. I had a high benchmark in that I had done 6 years of coaching at a previous investment bank but my coach more than exceeded these expectations. My HDA coach has had a real positive impact on my behaviour and crucially has encouraged me to be significantly more self-aware and also aware of how I am perceived, which has enabled me to be a lot more effective at achieving my objectives.”
– Director, Investment Bank

Engagement / Wellness

“Everyone involved has been great to work with…the analysis was thorough and the report presented in a user friendly, easy to understand format…Our experience was positive so thank you very much to you and the team for all the input and hard work.”
– Director of HR – Hazel Mitchell, ITN

“We thought the service provided by HDA was great – the information we gained from the survey was really useful in improving communication and facilitating change. Our results were very positive so the survey results acted as a morale boosting tool…We thought HDA were efficient and professional when carrying out the survey and they provided very comprehensive feedback.”
– SVP – Comedy & Music, MTV Networks International

Retention (Career Reviews, Career Centres)

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Career Transition/Onboarding

“All staff that attended (HDA’s Managing Personal Change workshop) found it highly beneficial and were impressed with the high calibre of the HDA facilitator who was able to relate to staff at all levels.”
– Human Resources Director, NHS

”Very pleased with contribution HDA have made to our recent site closure and redundancy programmes”
– Bob Ferneyhough, Executive Director Human Resources, Henkel

 “I was impressed with the quality of the initial interactions and range of services available through HDA. The program alternatives were very much in line with my requirements. I found the various advisors, coaches and mentors very supportive and able to give excellent guidance on all aspects of the transition process. The regular follow up from various members of the HDA organisation helped to pull the entire program together very effectively ensuring that I was at no time left without a strong sense of support and encouragement. I was particularly pleased that I had previously worked closely and successfully with the consultant within the HDA partner firm in my home country. This added considerably to the continuity and successful conclusion of the program. In summary I can recommend HDA with confidence as a Career Transition service that delivers.“
– Supply Chain Director –  Manufacturing

“The ultimate measure of whether outplacement has worked or not is if people get jobs in a timely manner; this has certainly been the case with the closure of the UK office and I attribute a lot of this success to the way outplacement was managed. The program we devised with HDA was flexible enough to cope with individual needs and timely so that people got thinking about their future quickly enabling them to make clear decisions. The team at HDA have always been responsive, flexible and professional; it has been a pleasure working with them in this difficult time.”
– European HR Manager, Engineering Company

“HDA’s consultants are of a high quality and the matching process with employees is working successfully. I have  found HDA to be flexible and adaptable to meet the company’s needs and above  all, our employees feel supported through what can be a difficult and emotional  process”
– Senior HR Manager, Financial Services

“HDA have supported our company with outplacement services over the last 3 years. Our decision to work with HDA was their ability to provide support often at short notice across the UK and with varying numbers of people. HDA have managed to ensure that each person has received a tailored solution that was right for them without insisting on ‘one size fitting all’. Our employees have been extremely happy with the support they have received when they leave the company”
– Manufacturing Sector

“I found   the service you offer to be extremely valuable…. I found my consultant very easy to talk to, she understood exactly how I was feeling/what I was thinking/where I wanted to be & by the end of my first session she had   boosted my confidence & I walked out feeling great and that there was some light at the end of the tunnel.  All 3 sessions were well planned &   productive.  She got to know what I liked & didn’t very quickly so all her ideas were tailored to my needs & more importantly my personality.  All in all I have found the HDA service invaluable & probably wouldn’t have got me in the role I am in today. I would highly recommend this service to anyone after having been made redundant.”
– Professional Services

“I’m not sure that I will be able to adequately express my gratitude, but since you helped me with revising my CV, I posted the revised copy on the internet & within two days I had three expressions of interest.  These turned into two interviews and two second interviews. As a result I accepted a new role for a Multimedia company.”
– Finance Sector

“A quick note to say how positive and stimulating it was to meet up with (my networking coach) the other day. What a live wire! Our session really held up to my excellent experience of HDA.  We have agreed some follow up work and that will round off my support. Would be happy to provide you with a user testimonial if that would be helpful (the only  gripe I would, entirely unreasonably, have is that I didn’t spend more time  with your great staff) …” Public Sector
“Although, I was initially  sceptical of the benefits of the HDA programme I had found it to be very  beneficial in job searching and also in resolving a number of personal issues  surrounding the aftermath of redundancy. I strongly recommend the programme to others.”
– Manufacturing Sector

“I am glad that I took full advantage of this facility. I don’t think my consultant has ever had to work for his money as hard as he did doing things for me. I am grateful for the fact that help was there whenever I needed it, especially in crisis.”
– Travel Sector

“Redundancy was a blessing in disguise because it gave me the final push I needed to break away from the UK and follow a path I had been considering for some time. The flexibility of the support provided by HDA enabled me to find employment in my chosen area within a comparatively short space of time.”
– Financial Services

“I really enjoyed working with my consultant. He helped me focus my thoughts, as well as reinforcing that the actions I had decided to take were appropriate. My consultant was so skilled at spotting my issues through a chat about what had happened or what was about to happen, and I finished each meeting thinking that it had been useful.”
– Pharmaceutical Sector

“I found the programme to be extremely useful, and I am happy to report that I am now in the final stages of being made a permanent member of staff. I was very depressed when I was made redundant, but I met with my consultant very soon afterwards and was greatly encouraged by what he had to say. I obtained several interviews later, due in great part to his advice about my CV. I cannot thank you all enough for your help during what has been a difficult period in my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other colleagues should they be in need of your assistance”
– Media Sector

“My consultant gave me outstanding support at a time when I needed it most. His responsiveness and ability to tune in instantly to my complex situation and issues was invaluable.  He is a perceptive and sympathetic coach who challenges and provides a unique perspective.”
– Manufacturing Sector

“I assumed HDA was just another outplacement service provider, with CV’s, Head-hunting agency lists, Interview Techniques, support services and so on. Clearly I was wrong HDA offer much more! I can strongly recommend HDA as a highly professional, commercially effective and caring organisation, that respects and values client placements  well-being and success in the short, medium and long term.”
– Manufacturing Sector

“I left my first meeting with a clear sense of an organisation that was going to be as flexible as possible to match what it could offer to what I needed, with my consultant actively engaging with HDA on my behalf to deliver a bespoke support to ensure I got the very greatest value out of the programme…. I was on the ‘job market’ for just over 3 months, and my consultant and HDA contributed in a major way to my returning to employment swiftly.”

“My consultant gave me outstanding support at a time when I needed it most. His responsiveness and ability to tune in instantly to my complex situation and issues was invaluable.  He is a perceptive and sympathetic coach who challenges and provides a unique perspective. I cannot recommend him highly enough”
– Manufacturing Sector

“I found the programme to be extremely useful, and I am happy to report that I am now in the final stages of being made a permanent member of staff with the … Group…I was very depressed when I was made redundant, but I met with (my consultant) very soon afterwards and was greatly encouraged by what he had to say. I obtained several interviews later,  due in great part to his advice about my CV. I cannot thank you all enough for  your help during what has been a difficult period in my life, and I … would  have no hesitation in recommending you to other colleagues should they be in  need of your assistance.”
– Media Sector

”The service  from HDA was excellent, in particular my coach’s help – they quickly and  accurately ascertained my skill sets and my wants and needs in a job, gave me  invaluable CV advice, a number of resources for my future plans, and was  persistently helpful even when I was poor in my contacts. The experience with HDA completes the very friendly parting from my organisation nicely, and I appreciated your help more than I had thought that I would.”
– Automotive Sector