Not Enough of a Commercial Sales Culture In Your Organisation?

How to ensure sales & commercial focus becomes centre stage.


Does your organisation have a culture where sales & commercial focus is not centre stage? As you attempt to transition from a passive sales culture to a more proactive sales culture, it raises many questions.

  1. Who can make the transition?
  2. What will it take?
  3. What will the challenges be?
  4. What if your existing people don’t want to change?
  5. What if they aren’t the right people for more proactive selling?
  6. If you have to bring new people on board, what should your new criteria be?

More and more organisations that aren’t traditionally sales-driven are finding it necessary to build more of a sales culture. They know they need to do a better job at selling in order to deal with increasing competition, fewer call-ins, or perhaps commoditisation of their products and services.


A sales culture encompasses specific beliefs and behaviours that, when integrated into the fabric of your organisation, revolutionises your ability to connect with your prospects, clients, customers, funders, all in service of maximising your revenue.

Just some of the new benefits:

  1. Create profitable transparency across your entire organisation by breaking down destructive “silos”
  2. Show how every single employee has a contribution every day and becomes a greater asset to the business!
  3. Enhance recruiting effectiveness and selling behaviours based on your goals and objectives by showing how we all “sell” everyday
  4. Benefit from efficient, company-wide communications on sales culture
  5. Watch revenue grow for both new and existing products and services
  6. Get MUCH more from your sales, business development or relationship management teams

We will help you identify the challenges and paths to transition your organisation from a passive approach to more of a sales & commercially focused culture. Every business is different, so we take a very individual approach to each organisation. There are a number of core tools we use to maximise the results with the minimum of time and they include our Sales Health Check & Capability Assessment, which quickly identifies the areas which can be addressed to provide the best returns.


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