Uncover The Proven Methods of Top Performing Sales Managers To Achieve Superior Commercial Results

8 Things All Great Sales Centre Managers Do.


People Management, or lack of it, is the real barrier to productivity in your Call Centre or Sales Centre. The pressure to improve productivity tends to keep management away from your floor agents. From Supervisor to Centre Manager, they don’t know how to cope with the need for productivity improvement and go for the quick fix of measuring quantitative results and using those measurements to try and show that productivity is improving.

Managers and Supervisors often lack the know-how and tools to build real productivity and sales increases! The most common challenges we see faced by Call Centre/Sales Centre environments are:

  1. There is no accountability on the floor – With everyone being so busy, no one is pushing the floor to do its best. Everybody is too busy to stop and change things for the better.
  2. Supervisors prefer to Problem-Solve, not Proactively Coach the Floor – We find that as little as 5% of a supervisor’s time is spent floor-coaching. What are they doing instead? Floor problem-solving.
  3. There is no Consistency in the way Supervisors Provide their Coaching – Individuals doing their own thing is much more difficult to adjust and shape for the better. An absence of a floor-coaching system usually means that far less floor-coaching takes place.
  4. Supervisors have so many Observations to do that they Never Have Time for Coaching Discussions – In centres with high agent-to-supervisor ratios (above 17-1) the problem will be compounded.
  5. Supervisors Won’t Get Out There and Drive Sales – If agents are able to make their numbers without consistent floor-coaching, coaching is deemed unnecessary. This is a giveaway that the centre could actually perform much better, and perhaps now is the time to raise the targets.


Our experience working with some of the world’s foremost Sales Centres/Call Centres confirms 8 things all ‘top-performing’ centre Managers and Supervisors do better to deliver superior commercial results:

  1. They execute based on their role, job responsibilities, and key deliverables
  2. They communicate clear, specific and achievable targets
  3. They utilise relevant store KPI management reports & scorecard tracking
  4. They manage the delivery of centre Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  5. They gain compliance to sales & service standards
  6. They coach sales & service behaviours to achieve performance
  7. They have a live Game Plan & run KPI contests to hit targets
  8. They implement specific improvement initiatives for underperforming centres

World-class Managers’ and Supervisors focus on these things every day – they don’t get caught up in operational related activities.

This is the most relevant commercial training for Call Centres and Sales Centres. We work with all levels of the organisation, from board & senior executives, middle managers and agents.


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