Train-The-Trainer Masterclass For Internal Champions Of Change

Helping you build your internal Resilience Trainers.


Personal resilience training has probably the most immediate and sustained impact on the primary prevention of stress at work. Resilience is the ability to respond effectively to pressures and bounce back from setbacks and adversity. Building a pool of Resilience Trainers will give you an opportunity to improve organisational performance and well-being on a sustainable basis.


Our resilience train-the-trainer programme equips your HR/training personnel with the skills and materials to develop internal capability and deliver flexible, cost-effective resilience training courses within your organisation.

Resilience Train the Trainer is a practical programme providing the skills, tools and confidence to deliver resilience training internally. This includes programme translation into local language for international roll-out.
The benefits to you and your organisation:

  • Ability to deliver effective resilience programmes to support people across your organisation
  • Skills and confidence to deliver interesting, thought provoking and interactive training sessions
  • Knowledge of resilience training materials which cater for all learning styles
  • Confidence to manage the training environment, delegates and yourself


We adopt a unique 3-dimensional approach to resilience which encompasses understanding, techniques and tools to manage ‘stimulus’ (stressors) ‘response’ (signs of strain) or ‘transactional’ (intervening) variables. This differentiates our resilience approach and ensures our content is interesting, thought provoking and there are plenty of interactive exercises for high level engagement to help you put learning into practice.


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