Working With Leaders To Develop Elite Performance

Our clients describe our executive coaching as: commercial, pragmatic and highly focused.


It has forever been a major advantage in any field to have a good coach. People who wish to grow in any endeavour seek the wisdom, perspective and guidance of an accomplished coach. No executive reaches the heights of organisational life all alone. While it is often lonely once at the top, many people help the executive rise to that rarefied atmosphere.

Almost every high-performing executive has had a mentor, a confidant or a coach to challenge them, help them ease past inevitable obstacles, act as a sounding board and be an impartial collaborator in decision-making.


Here are the main reasons executives we work with give as to why they seek the services of an HDA executive coach.

  • An over-arching willingness to grow as a person
  • To build a comprehensive mental toolkit
  • To Be Able to Benefit from Mistakes
  • To develop a high degree of self-awareness
  • To deconstruct personal experiences
  • To identify pertinent learning goals
  • To identify and recruit available assets to meet strategic goals
  • To maintain balance of professional and personal goals
  • To transfer learned skills into a self-coaching system
  • To identify and overcome personal, internal obstacles to strategic goals
  • To balance the demands of task orientation with people orientation
  • To transfer learned coaching session tools to sessions with colleagues
  • To cultivate application of insight and intuition
  • To sharpen reflective abilities around strategic decisions made
  • To develop a career and life game plan


Once a relationship based on trust and rapport is established, our coach challenges thinking and assumptions to support the individual’s goal setting. Key elements of the coaching include:

  • Defining coaching objectives early on in each assignment, encompassing both short term goals and longer term aspirations. To incorporate an organisational dimension, the manager is frequently involved at the outset.
  • An important part of this process is an understanding of how the individual is working currently, as well as reflecting on their key strengths and challenges.
  • The coaching supports the individual to think creatively and develop their thinking to produce realistic and effective strategies for them and for their organisations.
  • The coach supports the individual as they pursue the achievement of their goals. The coach will focus on execution of intentions, retain emphasis on success and capture learning.
  • The format of the coaching is based on an agreed period of time or number of sessions which is determined by the client’s agenda and needs.

Our coaches create robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques. We have extensive expertise of coaching senior executives and management across all sectors in addition to sector specific coaches.


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