A Proven Psychological Process For Individuals, Teams & Organisations To Excel At The Mental Game Of Work And Health

In the race of life, the winners are always those who have a winning mindset. Inner game fitness generates that mindset.

The state of mind of a sports champion which makes them stand out above all other equally skilled and physically fit competitors is a sense of their personal power. That very same state of mind also sets apart people and organisations in a challenging and competitive business environment.

The engine that creates and drives this sense of personal powerfulness is inner game performance – a psychological advantage.


Inner game fitness, like physical fitness, can be acquired – and that’s what we’re all about. By helping your people become more psychologically fit, we help them use all their strengths, and to discover some they may not previously have realised they possessed.

We build and unleash the strengths and power you need to perform at your optimum, whatever your role.

Drawn from the best of the new science of positive psychology, and the outstandingly successful practical techniques of sport psychologists, this unique personal development process is a holistic approach which can transform the way you think of yourself and perform in work and life.


Using our unique trademarked Learned Powerfulness® Process and delivered by our consultant who: is one of the UK’s first sports psychologists and now leadership coach. Our consultant coached and played a part in 25% of medals Britain took home from 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

This is your invitation to play a higher performance game.


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