You’ve A Lot To Offer. Why Aren’t Potential Candidates Beating A Path To Your Door?

We help you develop your powerful employer brand and compelling employer value proposition (EVP).


Recruiting the right people should be so much easier. You’ve great jobs, rewarding careers, the right remuneration and a great environment to offer. Why aren’t potential candidates beating a path to your door? A compelling employer brand will help. The right brand attracts the right kind of potential candidate, reaching out into the market and building reasons to join, before you’ve written a single recruitment advert.


We help you develop these kinds of powerful employer brands. We engage people at all levels of your organisation, building a compelling employee value proposition that is grounded in reality and speaks to the values and qualities that are important to your people and your industry. Our leadership development expertise also helps your top leaders “walk the talk”. It’s an exciting, creative and interactive journey that delivers a powerful output to guide your recruitment campaigns for many years to come. Benefits of employer branding:

  • Organisational identity – This leads to a healthier psychological contract and helps in creation of single identity during phases of changes/growth.
  • Better articulation – Consistent articulation and communication of the compelling employee value proposition helps greatly in your efforts to attract and retain employees.
  • Gap identification – It helps in bringing clarity on areas of improvement for the organisation.
  • Aligned efforts – Efforts are put in the key areas of improvement/segments that require action in line with the employee value proposition.
  • Attraction and retention – Helps in better attraction and retention of talent by identifying top drivers.
  • Overall cost of engagement: Overall cost of engaging employees reduces as the organisation delivers what it promised as per the employee value proposition.


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