How Would You Like A 20% Increase In Sales From Your Employees?

Coaching a clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals, and business outcomes.


Our coaching offers a highly effective approach to developing your sales people and sales managers. It involves helping definite their goals, mapping out a strategy for their accomplishment and then providing regular guidance, encouragement and feedback, to ensure success. We often use cognitive behavioural coaching as an approach as it is a very practical and proactive approach that works well with addressing sales challenges such as call reluctance, stretching targets, cold calling and account development.


Do you coach your A, B or C performers? Where are you likely to see the best return from your coaching efforts?

Coaching offers greater value when targeted specifically at the B players, or “core performers”—those who show ability but have unrealised potential. In our experience you see a 17% or greater improvement in productivity and revenue from your B and C players when consistently coached.

Focusing on this core makes sense from several perspectives:

  • They are most coachable and your investment will be well spent
  • They represent the largest fixed investment in your sales budget
  • Given the law of numbers, a simple 3-5% performance improvement in the core will yield a significant overall impact

The goal is not so much to expect 100% “A” players, but maximise the “core performers” impact on your business and coach this core team to improved results.

You can choose to have the coaching on an individual or team basis, face to face, by phone or over a video link, fitting in with how you work best.

We also provide coaching training for sales managers to be able to develop their own coaching capabilities.


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