Help Your Employees Shape The Future Direction of Their Careers.

Companies that don’t pay a high price: the loss of top young talent.


  • Selection/Identification – We help you uncover organisational competencies and make sure you have the right people for those pivotal roles that play such a big role in driving success. Find out more about Selection/Identification.
  • Managing Performance – Our onboarding coaching is the leverage new leaders need to get done in 100 days what normally takes 6 to 12 months. Find out more about Executive Onboarding.
  • Learning & Development – Our engagement, talent, skills master classes, development centres and leadership programmes provide high impact training solutions to help individuals and teams develop their competitive edge. Find out more about Learning & Development.
  • Engagement – Our 9-Box Engagement Model focuses on identifying solutions which tackle the fundamentals of ‘engagement’ but additionally utilise new tools and techniques that measure happiness, alignment, and job satisfaction. Find out more about Engagement.
  • Retention – We provide fit-to-purpose career leverage for your people at all levels, and at all career stages, utilising career reviews, career centres and resilience training. Find out more about Retention.
  • Promotion/Succession – We work with you to set up your talent pool or assess the capability of your current talent reserve to identify your future stars today. Find out more about Promotion/Succession.
  • Personal Success Programme – This programme is the result of research into why some people quickly become competent and successful in their work. The best practice of Self-Directing Professionals has been ‘captured’ and is ready to share with your organisation. Find out more about our Personal Success Programme.


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