Your People Are Disturbed Not By Stressful Things, But By The View They Take Of Them

Perception of demands – rather than the demands themselves – result in the experience of stress in work & life.


resilience training

Choose Your View – “Work & life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger & more resilient.”

Choose Your View – “Work & life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger & more resilient.”Personal resilience is the capacity to maintain well-being and work performance under pressure, including being able to bounce-back from setbacks and challenges. Your natural resilience is a combination of personal characteristics, thinking patterns and learned skills – but most importantly the quality can always be developed whatever your starting point; and in times of change and growth it’s becoming increasingly important for individual business performance.


We adopt a unique 3-dimensional approach to resilience which encompasses understanding, techniques and tools to manage ‘stimulus’ (stressors) ‘response’ (signs of strain) or ‘transactional’ (intervening) variables. This forms the foundation of our resilience training.

For organisations, the benefits of equipping your employees with resilience capability are significant and wide ranging.  They can include:

  • Increased productivity and profit resulting from improved decision making abilities, job satisfaction and drive of employees
  • A more harmonious and happy work environment for all employees
  • Reduced sickness absence and staff turnover
  • Reduced risk of bullying or harassment incidences and constructive dismissal claims
  • Reduced level of stress and depression amongst employees

For individuals, the benefits include:

  • The ability to reframe workplace problems or to put them into perspective
  • The acquisition of skills that can be applied in both the workplace and personal life
  • Improved fulfilment, wellbeing and career satisfaction

We equip your employees, managers and leaders with the vital skills they need to thrive in their work environment. Programme evaluation options available so you can see the real impact of training before, during and after the course. Our content is interesting, thought provoking and plenty of interactive exercises for high level engagement to help you put learning into practice.


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