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Hogan – Use this powerful personality assessment to hire the right people, develop talent, and build great leaders. Find out more about Hogan.




Whole Brain Model

Whole Brain Thinking® – Increase the thinking ability in your organisation to achieve the results you want. Find out more about Whole Brain Thinking®.





Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery® – Secure Better Leadership, Sales Skills, Customer Service, Employee Engagement & Teamwork. Find out more about Insights Discovery®.








motivational-mapsMotivational Maps® – MOTIVATION: With no language to describe it, no description of it and no way of measuring it, this leads to no plan, no action, and no outcomes. Maps solves this problem. Find out more about Motivational Maps®



StrengthscopeStrengthscope ™ – One of the world’s leading strengths assessment tools to measure performance-relevant occupational strengths. Find out more about Strengthscope™



MBTI_CMYK_hiresMBTI ® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) – One of the world’s most popular personality tools. It builds a robust foundation for life-long personal development. Find out more about MBTI®




All of our assessment, psychometric and diagnostic tools are executed by our accredited consultants. We have no bias towards any specific tool. We work with you to select the tool best suited to your needs.


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