Leaders As Storytellers – Corporate Speak vs Storytelling

Leaders as Storytellers pic 3rd June 15

Complimentary 90 Minute Taster Session, Wednesday 3 June, 15.00-17.00,

The Lyndhurst Room, Holiday Inn, Herbert Walker Avenue, Southampton, SO15 1HJ

Employees remember stories long after they’ve forgotten statistics. Stories are memorable because they reflect life, are composed of images rather than ideas, emotions rather than facts, and principles rather than cliché business phrases.

Successful leaders are game changers; they change minds, feelings and actions with a story.


A story can motivate, inspire, change our thinking and, most importantly, rally employees and teams to action. Being a great storyteller also means being an astute listener, able to read an audience and speak directly to them, with confidence, charisma and depth of character.

Storytelling, when linked directly to a company’s strategic & cultural context is a powerful means to build strategic competence and organisational character.

On this session you’ll learn the key principles successful leaders use to inform, engage and inspire their teams to deliver personal and organisational success.

Great business leaders understand the power of a great story.

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