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‘Master of Your Mind’ – Excel At The Mental Game of Work And Life.

Complimentary 90 Minute Taster Session, Tuesday 16th June, 15.00-17.00,

The Quay Room, Holiday Inn,  Walking Field Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1RZ

In a disruptive, pressured and fast-paced world full of change, the ability to spring back, recover and go again is key – resilience & inner game strength is critical.

Find out how ‘Master of Your Mind’ is changing individual lives and corporate culture around the world and how you can benefit in life and work. This session is a good fit if you or your organisation are looking for…

  • Increased self-awareness & personal empowerment: learn to self-manage your physical, psychological and emotional health
  • Enhanced productivity through increased vitality, motivation and concentration skills
  • Practical mental rehearsal tools for managing stress, challenge and change
  • Better ways to manage difficult people and situations
  • Simple techniques to keep your mind on the job and perform well under pressure
  • Simple ways to let go of your day and leave work at work
  • Reduced absenteeism and increased workplace engagement
  • Minimised risks associated with work-related stress

Inner game fitness, like physical fitness, can be acquired – and that’s what we’re all about. By helping your people become more psychologically fit, we help them use all their strengths, and to discover some they may not previously have realised they possessed.

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