Conflict pictureIn my team building and executive coaching work, conflict is a topic that is frequently discussed. Conflict is viewed as a negative situation
by most people—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Conflict, when handled appropriately, can lead to creative solutions, improved communication and teamwork, and a greater respect for others. Conflict in business relationships usually is caused by disputes over resources or misunderstandings around expectations and commitments.

The biggest mistake managers can make is to assume the conflict will just disappear. There are sometimes small conflicts that surface and indeed do get resolved very quickly. I’m not suggesting that at the first sign of a disagreement between employees managers should jump into “conflict resolution mode.” This post is about conflict that results in work inefficiencies, missed deadlines, errors or employee turnover. Too many times managers just hope it will magically get resolved—because they truly don’t know what to do.

Here is the link to six points that can help you more effectively address and navigate conflict: by @MaryAnnGontin via @OIGlobal – USA